Working with Melissa is great fun as well as hard work. She manages to get the best out of you with out shouting and screaming.  Her personality just makes you want to do that little bit more. I would highly recommend her personal training service.

Sharon Paget

Exercise has never been a thing I’ve enjoyed. Going to the gym to run (or walk in my case) bored me and I always lost interest quickly. Having a personal trainer was something I thought only the rich and famous used. When Mel started her […]

Julia Jones

With the help of owner and personal trainer Melissa Barnett, I have managed to get a really nice tone on the tired muscles. Her service included a free consultation during which we both chatted about my goals and the exercises/sports I like. Then it was […]

Julia Goellnitz

Client Testimonials

If you aren’t sure whether personal training is for you, why not read through the testimonials and find out what others thought about training with me. And don’t forget, the initial consultation is absolutely free of charge and non-obligational!