Personal Training Wherever and Whenever!

online personal training For some a Personal Trainer standing by their side giving guidance and encouragement is an invaluable tool whether they’re looking to shed weight, put on a little muscle or train for that big event. For others though (and I must admit that I fall into this category) training is a solitary activity; you don’t have to talk or interact with anybody, it’s “you time” whether spent with your thoughts or focusing on the workout ahead.

What happens though when your workout gets stale? When you stop improving and plateau? When that big race is 8 weeks away and you feel completely unprepared? When you’re just fresh out of ideas? Why not try online Personal Training?

Through email or Skype exchange you can get the same sort of consultation you would expect in a face-to-face meeting, discussing your level of fitness, exercise history, what it is you want to achieve etc. From there plans can be drawn up for you to follow.

For experienced exercisers with knowledge and discipline online Personal Training can be an invaluable tool with innumerable benefits such as:

· Online training is cheaper than 1-2-1 sessions
· Training is dependent on your timetable only, you don’t have to match it up to your trainer’s
· Train anywhere in the world! Your trainer and programme are still available to you whether you’re in the same street as them or trekking around South America!

Pricing is dependent upon needs, length and depth of training programme, and inclusion of nutritional content. Get in touch to see if online training is the right option for you!