Here are a few questions that are commonly asked before undertaking a fitness programme; if there is anything else you would like to know which hasn’t been answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum number of sessions?

There is a minimum of 8 sessions for personal training, purely because generally that is the minimum amount of time you need to adapt and see change. There is no maximum, and the number of sessions required is something that will be discussed and laid out with me. You may be training for a particular event and want one session a week until it takes place, you may want to lose weight for a wedding or holiday and train until that weight is achieved. If you want to work with a trainer just for a general tune-up or a change of routine, obviously, less sessions will be required; each program, including the number of sessions, is tailor-made to each client.


How long is a session?

To a certain extent, as long as you like! Our time-tables, your goals and ability and, of course, your health will all factor the length of your sessions, but anything from an hour up is possible.


How many times a week do I have to train?

This is something that we will discuss together; as with session length, your goals and time-table will factor into this, but I recommend that you take on at least one session per week so I can check in with you, monitor your progress and make sure that the advice I am giving you is still correct and helping you to achieve your goals. Additionally to this, you should carry out your independent training between sessions as per my advice or instruction.


If I can’t make it to a session, will I still be charged for it?

As long as you let me know 24 hours in advance there will be no charge and your session can be rescheduled. Special consideration will, of course will be given in extenuating circumstances.


Where will training take place?

As long as your training is compatible with home exercise, I can train you in your own living room, at the beach, in the park… the choice is yours!


Will I need to provide any equipment?

Absolutely not. If you have home gym equipment that you would like to use and it is compatible with your needs and program, I would be more than happy to use that equipment with you. Otherwise, I will bring a certain amount of portable equipment to each of your sessions.


What do I have to wear?

Anything comfortable and functional; some sort of athletic shoe with a flexible rubber sole, and trousers or shorts which are breathable and allow free movement. As long as you don’t turn up in your best jeans and Doc Martens, or a mini-skirt and flip-flops you should be fine! Don’t worry about the latest branded athletic clothing or a £200 pair of trainers – as long as you’re comfortable and safe that’s all that matters.


Will I be pushed beyond my comfort threshold?

Not at all, although, you are stronger than you think! All precautions will be taken to ensure that you are never in any physical danger; we will undertake fitness testing to make sure it is safe for you to perform cardio-vascular exercise and will monitor your progress and heart-rate throughout your sessions. You may, of course, not be in any physical danger but feel that you’re not coping – that’s fine, just let me know and we’ll slow down!


Do I get a say in the kind of training I do?

Of course – it’s your training after all! If you know that you don’t like running or you’re more of a kick-boxer than a yogi, tell me and we will find alternatives. If you really don’t feel like you’re getting along with a certain activity then you MUST tell me – you will make the biggest strides if you are motivated and enjoying your workouts.


Will I get nutritional advice which will aid me in the long-term?

Absolutely – it’s all part of the service;I have studied nutrition and know that exercise is pointless if it’s not supported by a healthy diet. If you choose a package including full nutritional support you will be asked to fill out some food diaries so I can get some idea of your food tastes, habits and patterns and work on your diet together, whatever your goal.