From a 5k walk to a Marathon or Triathlon

endurance Do you have a specific goal or event in mind? Whether it’s a 5km walk or a marathon I can provide you with support and training to help you achieve and surpass and your expectations.

I will design a programme for you to follow, with specific and measurable benchmarks, ensuring that your progress in the build up to the event can be tracked and monitored. As a highly trained professional I can apply my knowledge of nutrition for sport and exercise to ensure that your diet and eating time-table supports your training, as well as advising you on supplementation, and if you want to take it that one step further you can take part in the Nth Degree programme.

So, whether you’re new to event training or a professional athlete, let Fitness Xtreme guide you through the process and provide you with the tools for success.


Food Diaries – I will start off by asking you to fill out a food diary over a two week period to get an idea of what, when, why and how you eat.

Psychometric Testing – It’s not as painful as it sounds! I’ll ask you to fill out a few forms to ascertain how you feel about food, exercise and your goals so we can identify together any pitfalls or barriers you may come across and be in a better position to deal with them if and when they arise.

Goal Setting – Together we will set ‘SMARTER’ objectives; they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed, Evaluated and Recordable. We’ll sign a contract, both committing to do all we can to attain your goals.

Nutrition – With qualifications in Nutrition and Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport and exercise we have the expertise and scientific knowledge to help you construct a diet to support your exercise regime. You will also have the opportunity to really kick-start your training by taking your diet to The Nth Degree.

Exercise – We’ll find enjoyable, dynamic and varied ways for you to attain and surpass your goals.

Check Points – Periodically, we’ll check that we’re on the right track and on the way to achieving the goals we set out in the beginning. If it’s not working for you on any level – you’re not enjoying the work-outs, it’s not fitting into your lifestyle, or the diet and exercise isn’t producing the results we hoped – we can sit down, work it out together and re-think how we’re going to get you back on-track.

Progression – So, you’ve achieved your goals? Why stop there? You’ve come so far, think how much further you’re capable of going! We can look back at your original analysis, re-take the tests and formulate a new plan to suit the new improved you.