Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Punching to music this isn’t! Boxers are some of the finest physical specimens in the sporting world both in terms of fitness and physique. Sweat it out the way boxers do using the same tried and tested ‘old school’ methods that get them fighting fit and ring ready. Boxing Fitness is non-contact training, so no glove to body contact, but you will still be learning the moves and techniques used by these elite athletes to make you the fittest you’ve ever been!


• Body Composition
• Cardiovascular endurance
• Speed
• Strength
• Balance
• Agility
• Flexibility
• Core stability

But it would be pretty boring if you never got to hit anything, right? We’ll develop great punching technique which we will move to the heavy bag and focus pads, as well as replicating the footwork and movement we see in the ring.

Brilliant fun , completely varied , interactive either with your trainer or a partner and completely adaptable to suit all ages and abilities, Boxing Fitness is available as 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions, partner or small group sessions, or classes.

Individual classes charged at Personal Training rates; partnered sessions PT rate plus £5 for each extra person (conditions apply). Classes are £4 per person, £3 each if you bring a friend. Concessions available for students, over 50s, and block bookings. Get in touch to find out about classes in your area!

*Boxing Fitness is currently unavailable as a group exercise class due to early on-set darkness. If you would be interested in indoor classes or joining an outdoor group as evenings get lighter, please get in touch.