Melissa Barnett I first became aware of fitness as a way of life whilst spending time with professional tennis players touring with the Women’s Tennis Association, watching them train and seeing how much more effective they were on and off the court when they had a good trainer by their side. Physicality, nutrition and psychology all became subjects of interest to me and I realised that the combination of these three disciplines were the key to success, interweaving themselves through the lives of the players I spent time with, both professionally and personally.

I began to apply these principles in small measures to my own life until realising that they were fast becoming the most important aspects; I then decided to change careers, dedicate my life to perfecting the balance of these principles and sharing my passion for health, fitness and well-being with others.

I began studying for an Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma and NVQ Level 3, an internationally recognised qualification, which would allow me to further my knowledge in all aspects of fitness and train to the highest standard possible in my chosen field. I now have qualifications covering anatomy and physiology, nutrition and weight management, nutrition for sport and exercise, exercise referral, and psychology, and am a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer.

Opting to take my training further, I am also undertaking a level 4 course allowing me to train individuals with low back pain, as well as diversifying and specialising in endurance and event training. Various other qualifications are being attained in specific areas of training such as circuit training and core stability and my passion for my work means that I have my finger on the pulse and am always up to date with new strides and trends in the industry. I’m also always pushing myself to find new and effective ways of implementing change and augmenting my clients’ training and have developed my own nutrition program called The Nth Degree.

Founder and Owner, Melissa Barnett